Right ERP solution for your organization

Small Business ERP

There are many ERP solutions in market with most of the features. Many times we don’t use all the features and modules because they may not be relevant to our business.
Choosing right ERP solution for your organization is bit difficult task as sometime ERP becomes overhead due to its overloaded features and modules.
Expectation here is limited modules which are key and minimize pain areas with latest features to support today’s environment of technology.

Some ERP solutions are become decade old software which does not even value add and provide any latest technology support. These ERPs are also not relevant to today’s dynamic business environment. This is causing failure of ERPs in many organization. Lack of interest from users and owners due to lack of latest technology is keeping organizations away from ERPs.
Here is why, our BIZNOVO ERP helps organizations to leverage benefit of dynamic business environment and latest technology revolutions. This ERP provides integration with email and mobile apps to achieve availability of information round the clock and control the operations from anywhere. In Biznovo, modules are limited and addresses main pain areas of organizations. Business processing and automation are main focus of this ERP rather than data capturing.

CRM Module


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